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1. Sports Coaching Protocols iBooks, eBooks, Kindle Editions
2. Sports Coaching Protocols Training Workshops
3. Pocket How-To Guide

1. Sports Coaching iBooks, eBooks, Kindle Editions and Pocket How-To Guide

Basketball coaching

Skills Coach Basketball on iBooks

Amazon Kindle Edition

Golf swing coaching

Skills Coach Golf on iBooks

Amazon Kindle Edition

Soccer coaching

Skills Coach Soccer on iBooks

Amazon Kindle Edition

Football coaching

Skills Coach Football on iBooks

Amazon Kindle Edition

Swimming coaching

Skills Coach Swimming on iBooks

Amazon Kindle Edition

Baseball coaching

Skills Coach Baseball on iBooks

Amazon Kindle Edition

Tennis coaching

Skills Coach Tennis on iBooks

Amazon Kindle Edition

Australian Rules Football coaching

Australian Rules Football Skills Coaching (ebook pending)

Cricket coaching

Cricket Skills Coaching (ebook pending)

Hammer Throwing Coaching

Hammer Throwing Skills Coaching (ebook pending)

Javelin coaching

Javelin Skills Coaching (ebook pending)

Lacrosse coaching

Lacrosse Skills Coaching (ebook pending)

Lawn bowls coaching

Lawn Bowls Skills Coaching (ebook pending)

Physiotherapy skills coaching

Physiotherapy Skills Coaching (ebook pending)

Rowing coaching

Rowing Skills Coaching (ebook pending)

Rugby coaching

Rugby Skills Coaching (ebook pending)

Rugby League coaching

Rugby League Skills Coaching (ebook pending)

Sprinting coaching

Sprinting Skills Coaching (ebook pending)


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2. Sports Coaching Protocols Training Workshops

The one-day training workshop provides hands-on instruction, demonstrations and follow-up implementation support for groups of sports coaches, athletes and players.

The workshop objective is to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to design and implement their own Sports Coaching Protocols®. Workshop participants will be able to prepare Sports Coaching Protocols® during the workshop and can then implement those protocols afterwards.

To keep costs down, workshops are conducted at the client's own training venue and only a training fee is charged. If applicable, the trainer's travel and accommodation costs are additional to the training fee. Post-training support for implementation, usually via email, is provided for a minimum of three months after the workshop, for each participant.

Contact us (send all email to coaching@personalbest dot com dot au) to discuss your training requirements and get a workshop quotation.

3. Pocket How-to Guide for Coaches Who Want to Try Sports Coaching Protocols

Sports Coaching Protocols Pocket Guide

Lift your coaching skills to a new level by adding this cost- and time-effective coaching tool into your coaching toolkit.

A download pocket how-to guide is now available for coaches who do not want to start with an online course but who would still like to try using Sports Coaching Protocols® with their players or athletes. This step-by-step printable guide empowers coaches with no prior knowledge of Old Way/New Way® to start using Sports Coaching Protocols® immediately.

You can either print the Guide or read the document (PDF format) on your computer or mobile device.

The facing side of the brochure sets out all the information a coach needs to start using Sports Coaching Protocols®, including:

  • How to prepare for the skill or technique correction/sport transition session.
  • What information to have at hand before starting a session.
  • How to develop the player's or athlete's awareness.
  • What instructions to give to the player or athlete during and after the session.
  • What instructions to give during the debriefing.
  • What to do for follow-up and performance monitoring.

The reverse side of the brochure contains the following:

  • A concise explanation (theoretical underpinning) for Sport Coaching Protocols®
  • Guidelines for each step in the protocol.
  • Disclaimer.
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