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Old Way/New Way® is a teaching and learning method developed by Dr E. H. Lyndon. Old Way/New Way® is used in workshops and training products available from Personal Best Academy.

Old Way/New Way® is endorsed and gazetted as a recognised teaching and learning method by the then South Australian Department of Education.

Intending users of this website and its products should familiarise themselves with Old Way/New Way®, its background and its applications, prior to purchasing the products on this website and before using any of the information on this website.

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The claims made for the performance of Old Way/New Way® are based on the results of workplace trials, published research and the past experience of highly trained and experienced Old Way/New Way® practitioners. No guarantees are expressed or implied that Old Way/New Way® will perform as expected when used in different situations by different practitioners.


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Our courses are no longer available on CD ROM. Previously available courses on CD ROM have been withdrawn and are now available on other media or substituted with online courses.

No refund can be given on the purchase of online courses or printable guides because their informative and total value has been transferred to you, the purchaser, and cannot be reversed.

To avoid disappointment, before you purchase carefully study all the information on our site that describes the Old Way/New Way® learning method, its applications, and the training products you intend to purchase.


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Things we do:

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Intellectual Property

Old Way/New Way® is copyright Dr E. H. Lyndon. Sports Coaching Protocols® is copyright Dr E. P. Baxter.

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