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Skill Correction Coaching Tools for Sports Coaches, Athletes and Players

The current Skills Coach series of apps, ibooks and ebooks covers seven popular sports—golf, tennis, football, basketball, baseball, soccer and swimming.

These sports and more are covered in our new book —Beyond Skill and Drill.

More individual sports are being added but if your sport is not yet listed, simply identify the technique you want to improve and then follow the steps in one of the seven ibooks or ebooks listed below. The same steps apply to all technique problems in all sports.

Make your selection below and start realising your true sports potential.

Sports Coaching iBooks, eBooks, Kindle Editions

Basketball coaching

Skills Coach Basketball on iBooks

Skills Cioach Basketball Amazon Kindle Edition

Golf swing coaching

Skills Coach Golf on iBooks

Skills Coach Golf Amazon Kindle Edition

Soccer coaching

Skills Coach Soccer on iBooks

Skills Coach Soccer Amazon Kindle Edition

Football coaching

Skills Coach Football on iBooks

Skills Coach Football Amazon Kindle Edition

Swimming coaching

Skills Coach Swimming on iBooks

Skills Coach Swimming Amazon Kindle Edition

Baseball coaching

Skills Coach Baseball on iBooks

Skills Coach Baseball Amazon Kindle Edition

Tennis coaching

Skills Coach Tennis on iBooks

Skills Coach Tennis Amazon Kindle Edition

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